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Chef's Recommendations, served with your choice of Lamb, Chicken Tikka, King Prawn or Vegetables.


Her Majesty The Queen's favourite dish and the most popular dish in Britain. Cooked in a blend of spices and herbs, roasted in a charcoal oven with cream and coconut.
From: £8.95


A famous Persian dish lavishly cooked with ground pistachio and almonds in a mild smooth sauce.
From: £8.95


In a delicate spice with a touch of mango and special tamarind sauce - a sweet and sour taste.
From: £8.95


Cooked with butter (ghee) with traditional light herbs and spiced. It's rich, creamy and buttery.
From: £8.95


A fragrant dish slightly sweetened by the addition of lychee and creamed coconut and finished with cream.
From: £8.95


Cooked with ground onions, green peppers in a button mushroom and special tamarind sauce.
From: £8.95

Saag (Palak)

Cooked with fresh chopped spinach leaves in a thick onion, roasted garlic, spring onion and medium thick sauce.
From: £8.95


Pan fried yellow lentils cooked and sizzled with chopped fresh garlic, ginger, spring onion, roasted cinnamon and cumin seeds with a slice of lemon.
From: £8.95

Rogan Josh

Cooked with garnished garlic and lots of fried tomatoes dressed with fresh coriander.
From: £8.95

Murgi Masala

Tender spring chicken off the bone marinated in spices and roasted in the tandoori oven.
Cooked with chopped garlic, spring onion, methi leaves and spice mince meat in a masala sauce.
From: £8.95

Naga Morich

Shake the baba - break the naga. Cooked with spiced onions, marinated assamese chilli and Bengali naga sauce.
From: £8.95


Cooked with marinated onions and green peppers, green chilli and fresh coriander in a very spicy hot sauce.
From: £8.95

Sylhet Masala

Cooked with marinated onions, green peppers, whole green chilli in a hot spicy masala sauce!
From: £8.95

Chilli Garlic

Cooked with fresh garlic, chopped green chilli and fresh herbs in a hot sauce.
From: £8.95

Jhal Bhuna

A hot traditional dish, garnished with onion, coriander, garlic and chilli with a medium thick sauce.
From: £8.95